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About Nine North Properties

We understand not everyone’s situation is the same nor is every house, so why treat it as such? We started Nine North Properties to give homeowner’s flexibility in the selling process. In too many cases we see people having to put “blind trust” into a real estate agent in which they just met. This can lead to feeling overwhelmed and at times taken advantage of. 

​Our goal is to provide you with as much information as possible with regards to your options and allow you, the seller, to make the decision that’s best for you and your family.

​Whatever situation you may be in, we want to help! Our CASH OFFER program allows you to show your property ONE TIME and receive a market competitive offer that day. Thus allowing you to avoid the hassle of the “traditional” sale. If our offer doesn’t fit you and your families needs we will gladly do whatever we can to continue to help in any way possible.

We work with a great realtor team that we can refer you to or we can give you pointers on needed repairs, refer you to contractors we trust or just give you examples of some of the modern trends that are selling today…. whatever the situation, we want to provide you with a SOLUTION!

Meet the team


I grew up in Colorado and have never wanted to move since. I love this state and the people in it.

After attending College at Colorado State University – Pueblo, I started my career in Colorado Springs.

I began working in Health and Fitness by training athletes in the area. I work with both youth and elite athletes, in a variety of sports, helping them reach their goals. I still enjoy working in health and fitness today.

Along with working with athletes, I always had a passion for real estate and decided to make a joint career move in 2018 and focus building my skills in that field as well.

I love putting my hands to work so I started building houses with a custom home contractor. I very much enjoyed learning the process and skills and wanted to learn more.

From there I engulfed myself in learning the real estate market, buying and selling processes and where we could help buyers and sellers in the market.

It wasn’t long before Kyle and I saw an opportunity to buy a property and do some work ourselves.

Kyle and I were long time teammates playing baseball in college and made for the perfect business partner to get started on our journey.

Today we have enjoyed creating win-win scenarios for homeowners, and look forward to helping more and more people as we grow our business here in Colorado.


Growing up I had a vision for my future. I always said was I wanted to “impact the world.” To me, that meant if I could have a positive impact on even just one person or family’s life that would be a success.

As I sit here and write this today, I can truly say I have accomplished my goals in many ways by helping numerous people/families who may have found themselves in less than ideal situations.

After attending Colorado State University-Pueblo to play baseball, Colorado forever had a special place in my heart. Although I took a job in television upon graduating (Golf Channel) which moved me to Florida, I knew I needed to find my way back to CO.

That’s when I decided to give up my “dream job” and get into real estate which allowed me to move back to CO. Turns out that was the best decision of my life. After learning the ropes from a more established real estate investor for a year I then made the leap to venture out on my own. Although I did well for myself I knew I was missing something.

In comes Jeremiah. Given our strong bond through baseball and continued friendship throughout the years, we decided to partner up and embark on a new future together. We both have a passion for real estate and strive to help people in every situation while maintaining our integrity and thoughtfulness along the way.

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